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A comprehensive guide to planning a Belize vacation, doing business, and living in Belize.

The stable, democratic, English-speaking country of Belize lies in the western Caribbean on the coast of Central America. Belize is home to an interesting mix of over ten different cultures including Garifuna, Maya, Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, and German Mennonites. Adventyure PossibilitiesBelize also lays claim to hundreds of ancient Maya temples, large tracts of intact tropical rainforest, and this hemisphere's longest barrier reef.

Belize offers a myriad of exciting adventure possibilities:

* A network of picturesque rivers and cascading waterfalls winding from the Maya Mountains to the Caribbean Sea. Spectacular limestone caves strewn with Maya pottery beckon you to canoe, cave tube, and bird watch.

* With 40 per cent of the country's landmass under some type of protection and dotted with restored and unexcavated Mayan sites, you are enticed to hike rainforest trails and climb ancient ruins and temples.

* Offshore, hundreds of coral sand islands (or cayes) with swaying coconut palm trees and sun-kissed beaches invite you to snorkel patch reefs, dive the Blue Hole and drop offs, kayak, fly-fish, or just relax.

* A country alive with hundreds of bird species, colorful fish, exotic tropical plants and animals combined with friendly Belizeans throughout colorful towns and villages makes Belize an adventurer's paradise.

Discover, explore, learn, invest, relax, enjoy.

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