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If you are looking for adventure off the beaten path, then the Rio Blanco Waterfall Park in the Toledo district might be just what you are looking for.

Rio Blanco FallsDeclared an ‘Indigenous People’s Park’ in 1992, the reserve is managed by residents of the surrounding Maya villages of Santa Elena, Santa Cruz, Golden Stream Village and Pueblo Viejo Village under the title of the Rio Blanco Mayan Association (RBMA). The members of RBMA see the preservation of the ecosystem as a top priority and believe the park is a culturally appropriate and sustainable economic venture.

Notable Features

  • The main attraction here are the cascading falls of the Rio Blanco which then flow through wide,    shallow pools and over smooth slabs of mudstone and sandstone, before pouring over a 15 foot ledge into a deep pool.
  • Surrounding limestone boulders allow easy exploration above the pool. Further upstream, a small waterfall and wading pool feed the main waterfall. Trees and flowering vegetation encircle the shady cliffs while Blue Morpho butterflies flutter amongst the surrounding trees.
  • A smooth stone ledge at the end of the trail from the parking lot, covered with a layer of scattered snail shells, rises steeply about 20 feet above the pool.
Visitor Experience
Six miles south of San Antonio, this park is a popular stop for locals and visitors. A small sign on the roadside points the direction to the entrance of the park. The jungle-lined trail is only a mile from the road.
This is a secluded spot for swimming and picnicking and there will be no heavy tourist traffic here. The Maya have lived along this river for countless generations and it is still an important part of their daily lives.  You are likely to encounter the village women washing clothes in the river as their children play in the pools or sell souvenirs and craft they have made.

Location of Rio Blanco Falls