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As the only Maya site in Belize situated on the sea coast, Cerros is located on a northern peninsula in the Bay of Chetumal, across from Corozal Town.

CerrosCerros was a key commercial center during the late Pre-Classic period, with Maya traders arriving by canoe from coast through the Bay of Chetumal, as well as from upriver the Rio Hondo in the north and the New River to the south.

Three large acropolises dominate several plazas flanked by pyramids. While two of these structures are facades adorned with stucco masks, the masks have been covered to protect them from erosion. With the tallest structure rising 72 feet above the plaza, the panoramic view atop offers the Bay of Chetumal, Corozal Town, and the mouth of the New River which lead to the temples Lamanai.

The Maya living in Cerros also built an extensive canal system and utilized raised-field agriculture.

Visitor Experience
The site is accessible by short boat ride across the Corozal Bay. During the dry season, road access passes through the scenic villages and lagoons of Chunox, Progresso, and Copper Bank.

Location of Cerros