El Pilar - Watering Basin Print

El Pilar, an archaeological reserve for Maya flora and fauna sits astride the Belize-Guatemala border.

“El Pilar” is Spanish for “watering basin,” reflecting the abundance of water in the area, an uncommon trait for most Maya sites. Located just 12 miles north of San Ignacio, El Pilar site is not fully excavated, primarily for conservation reasons, however nature trails amongst the more than a dozen large pyramids and a wide range of buildings, is cited as an excellent location for bird watching in Belize.

El Pilar in its heyday was more than three times the size of the better-known center of Xunantunich.

Visitor Experience
They are caretakers who live close to the site and can give you over-all trail map, and would be happy to show you around.  Also, the Cayo Tour Operators and Tour Guides Association has received training on the reserve, and any licensed guide can arrange a visit and tour for you.

Location of El Pilar