Historical & Cultural Sites Print

The hardships and the celebrations, the challenges and the successes, the pain and the joy – these over time, greatly impact the atmosphere of the present.

Baron Bliss Lighthouse House

Belize’s history is well documented in the historical edifices at archaeological sites, small museums under national or private reign, elegant colonial architecture in the older towns and cities and, in the old traditions still evident in the yards and neighbourhoods wherever you travel.

See the heights that Belize’s chicleros climbed to extract the sap for chewing gum; re-enact the landing of the Garinagu on Belize’s southern shores early morning on November 19th; join the parade in celebration of Belize’s independence or savor the taste of fresh ground corn tortillas on an age-old hearth.

Because of their location and nature many historical and cultural experiences do not require a tour guide allowing you to be spontaneous and on your own schedule. But, if you do there a licensed tour guides available at many sites and attractions and can be identified with their numbered license and picture ID from the Belize Tourism Board.