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Built in 1857, this two-story brick fortress in Belize City was once Her Majesty’s Prison.Home to some of the most hardened criminals from Belize’s colonial period to shortly after Independence, today the transformed Museum of Belize provides visitors with a historical roadmap into Belize’s vibrant past while retaining mementos of the building’s former residents.

Museum of BelizeThe first floor with plenty of exposed original brickwork and bars on the windows retains a solitary death row cell intact.  The remaining space is dedicated to a historical tour via photographs and artefacts documenting over 350 years of Belize City’s history and people. Glimpse the Belizean life from the early inhabitants in the original mangrove settlements through periods of development, natural disasters and celebration.

On its second floor the museum houses a permanent exhibit of ancient Maya artefacts, including pottery, ornate stelae, a replica of the famous ‘Jade Head’ and smaller, elegant pieces of Maya jade and stone jewellery.  There is also room for special exhibits such as the permanent display on Insects of Belize.
Visitor Experience

Opening Days: Monday – Friday
Time:      Mon-Thurs 8:30a: m- 5:00p: m
                Fridays: 8:30a: m-4:30p: m
Cost:       $10.00US