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Swing BridgeBuilt in 1922, the Belize City Swing bridge has the honor of being the only functioning manually-operated swing bridge in the world.

Three bridges connect Belize City's north and south sides, but the venerable old Swing Bridge located downtown Belize City has become a visitor attraction.

The bridge which was once swung every morning and evening to allow traditional fishing sailboats to pass upriver to deliver seafood to the fishing cooperatives, or those wishing to sail out to the offshore cayes, is now only swung on special request.

In the past traffic would stop completely to allow sailing boats access to pass from one side of the bridge to the other normally causing commuters to have to make sure they get to the other side of town “befo’ de bridge ketch me” (before they get caught by the bridge).

Visitor Experience
The bridge still holds great people-watching and great vantage points to observe activity at the Belize River mouth observing traditional fishing sailboats, passenger vessels heading for the cayes, the Fort Street Tourism Village and cruise ships anchored offshore.