Yarborough Cemetary Print

Named after the magistrate who owned the land in 1781, Yarborough Cemetery in Belize City was a burial ground for Belizean “notables.”

Located a few short blocks west of St. John’s Cathedral, after 1870, Yarborough Cemetery was also used to bury “ordinary folks” including many Belizeans who had volunteered and died in Mesopotamia during World War II. By 1890 the cemetery had run out of burial plots and was abandoned. A new cemetery was established at the entrance to what is today the Western Highway.
To restore dignity to the interred, in 1999 the cemetery was renovated with the addition of a perimeter fence, landscaping and stabilization of all remaining headstones and a marble memorial wall highlighting the names and contributions of those buried there.

Visitor Experience
Open Days: Monday-Sunday
Open Hours: Open all day

The cemetery is opened to the public seven days of week. There is no security at the location, so its advisable to go with a local tour guide or during daylight hours.