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Belize’s marine attractions are as varied as the natural formations that make up this 185-mile coastal wonder make Belize a true seafarers’ paradise. The Belize Barrier Reef is the longest unbroken reef in the western hemisphere and you get there from virtually any part of Belize’s coastline or from the hundreds of island offshore.

Woman on Beach South Water Caye

The reef, cayes and three major coral atolls offer an underwater world of brilliant life and colorful vistas while above-water views are dominated by blue sky, azure seas, palm-studded beaches and exotic bird and other wildlife.

It is no wonder that snorkelers, scuba divers, sailors, sport fishermen and marine biologists have come to Belize and return regularly. Belizeans have also placed great value on this spectacular national treasure, enacting regulation to protect and manage several marine reserves and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Explore the barrier reef, atolls and over 400 islands, white sand beaches, fringing and patch reefs, over 100 species of coral, hundreds of species of fish and an abundant variety of marine life. Snorkel, dive, get your Scuba certification, parasail, windsurf, kite-surf, charter a catamaran, kayak between islands or relax on the beach – these are only a few of your choices.

One of the wonderful things about Belize is that if you’ve never done any of these before, our guides will carefully assist you in trying.  If you prefer to unwind undisturbed and your vacation partners want to have more of an adventure – you can all have what you want and still be together for dinner!