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Kayaking Manatee LagoonKayaking can be a peaceful, re-invigorating experience whether you greet the sun with a short early morning kayak or choose a week-long kayak adventure between islands.  Inside the shallow fore reef, be on the lookout for fish, rays and dolphin or explore the intricate mangrove ecosystem for resident and migratory birds in the branches and the delicate seahorse in the root systems.

Coastal and island resorts offer kayaks for short excursions up the beach and around the islands while professional kayak outfitters offer multi-day packages which operate either from a single base camp or in island hopping fashion.  Equipment, guides, cooks and diving are some of the service options with many kayak packages having extension options for fresh water excursions up river and a rainforest experience.

Move at our own pace to the rhythmic sound of your paddle slicing through aquamarine waters, the speck of a tropical island in the distance and cerulean skies marked by the effortless spiral of a Magnificent Frigate bird in the clouds above.