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Incoming cruisers in their own boats should have updated and detailed charts and GPS equipment that clearly show the water depth and underwater formations.

All boats coming to Belize must check in with the Belize Port Authority for guidance to the nearest port of entry where they are then required to be cleared through Immigration, Customs and, Health authorities upon arrival.

Belize Port Authority

  • The communications center follows V.H.F. radio channel 16 and H.F. radio channel 2182 and will direct boats as necessary upon their arrival.
  • There are two Belize Port Authority offices in the country--one in Belize City and one in Big Creek. Visitors arriving by boat to either Belize City or Big Creek will need to report directly to the Belize Port Authority office, located within close proximity to Immigration and Customs.
  • Those arriving at any other port-of-entry can handle all necessary procedures with the Belize Port Authority through Immigration.

Immigration, Customs and, Heath Authorities
Immigration offices are located throughout the country, allowing for flexibility in planning one's port-of-entry. The following locations serve as ports-of-entry for boats coming to Belize:

  • Belize City
  • San Pedro
  • Dangriga
  • Big Creek
  • Punta Gorda.

To process entry into Belize visitors must have clearance from the country that they are coming from, a valid passport, and visitors coming from certain countries will need a visa. To learn more about the policies of customs and immigration in Belize proceed to:

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