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Whether you dive from a mainland base, from your island hotel or aboard a live aboard, each dive operator will have the “best” dive location to share with you.

Rarely documented on any map you may hear about:

  • Hollywood, Jill's Thrill, Cabbage Patch, the Elbow, The Coral, Gorgonian Bluff, the Secret Spot, Birthday Reef and Rendezvous Wall Bat Brook Shallows and Billy Bob's Shallows on Turneffe Atoll
  • Octopus Alley, Manta Reef, Hole in the Wall, Parrotfish Falls, Shark Point, Gorgonia Gallery, Long Caye Cut, Turtle Tavern and Dolphin Dance on Glover's Reef.
  • Manta Wall, the Zoo, Cathedral and Half Moon Wall on Lighthouse Reef

The list goes on with gripping local names matched only by the passion of dive guides that love what they do.

A sure bet is to dive the locations in the marine protected areas: