SCUBA Diving Tips Print

With your safety as our first priority, your dive will be unforgettable.

  • For any marine activity good physical condition is recommended.
  • Alcohol and diving don't mix so be sure to limit alcoholic intake the night before and the day of diving.
  • You may bring your own snorkel and diving equipment for a perfect fit. However, dive shops will rent mask, snorkel, and fins.
  • Ask about the experience of your tour guide or qualification of your dive instructor before any commitments.
  • Bring along a waterproof camera as proof that you did see all that fish and coral.

Dive Cards and Certification

  • Already certified? - Bring your C card
  • For open water certification - bring the paperwork from your previous training
  • For full certification you will need about a week - be prepared to read the dive manuals and attend classes daily
  • Never dove before? -  Try a Resort Course which will teach you to use the equipment in safe and supervised depths of no more than 20-30 feet.


  • Most dive shops have all the gear you need but you can expect equipment rental to average for:
    • Mask, snorkel and fins: US$6- $8
    • Regulator and BC: $approx. $7.50 each
  • If you wear glasses or have prescription lens in your mask, be sure to bring a mask with your prescription before leaving home as this service is not currently available in Belize.