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SailingThe constant trade winds and wide expanse of calm waters inside the barrier reef and along the coast make it an ideal playground for sports such as wind surfing, kite surfing/boarding and parasailing.

With miles of protected coastline, Belize is the perfect place to enjoy the cutting-edge water sports of windsurfing, surfing, parasailing, kite -boarding, jet skiing, and aqua biking. Belize is at the forefront of the latest trends as new action sports appear on the scene.

For water enthusiasts, the cayes have it all. Flat water created by the reef and the constant onshore/side-shore winds that provide an ideal location for the beginner to try a first lesson or take a course. For the intermediate, the conditions enable the excitement of blasting and chop hopping. Runs of 10 miles plus are possible on either tack; perfect for practicing water starts and carve gybes. The water below is so clear that you can see fish and stingrays and it is not unusual to see dolphins as you pass. For more experienced windsurfers, there are several wave sites, and of course, access to the swells of the big blue