An abundance of national parks, private nature reserves and botanical gardens offer a range of rainforest activities for the quiet observer to the active adventurer.


Integrated with this lush forest habitat are magnificent Maya temples, spectacular caves and sparkling rivers and lagoons that create glistening threads against a tapestry of green.

On a nature hike, learn how the strangler fig encompasses the host tree or marvel at the intensity and structure of wee wee ant colonies.

Peer through binoculars at the raucous yellow-tailed oropendula in its colony of hanging nests on your birdwatching excursion or canoe down a cool clear river, stopping for a picnic on a sand beach or catch the splash of a large iguana as it falls from a riverbank tree and swims to shore.

There are several professional tour companies in Belize offering a variety of activities.  Some of these companies offer multiple-activity tours as well as accommodations, while others specialize in a particular sport such as ziplining or cave exploration but whatever your adventure goals are, there is someone in Belize ready to help you acheive it.

Take a fully-serviced day tour or travel on a budget - the degree of adventure is solely up to you.