Barton Creek Cave Print

Tucked within the small Mennonite community of Barton Creek, along the Cayo District’s Chiquibul Road, are the cool, dark caverns of Barton Creek Cave.

This is one of the easiest caves to reach as travellers won’t have to climb steep hills or walk far to get to the cave’s beckoning mouth. With the help of an experienced local guide, you’ll canoe or gently tube between room-size boulders and be transformed by the large glittering stalactites that cast a bewildering glow.  You’ll need powerful lanterns to light your way from Barton Creek Cave’s entrance to the stopping point, a journey that can range from 1 to 2 miles in the wet season to as much as 4.5 miles long when water levels are lower.

It is believed that this cave was used by the ancient Maya for ritualistic activities such as human sacrifices, bloodletting rituals and fertility rites.  Today, explorers feel privileged to see the remains of ancient Mayan pottery as well as the human bones that line the cave’s floors.

This cave tour is suitable for guests of varying strengths, ages and abilities.