Che Chem Ha Cave Print

Che Chem Ha Cave, located 16 miles from San Ignacio near Vaca Falls, is the 180-degree opposite of Barton Creek’s peaceful caving experience.  This is a full-power adrenaline rush, from the 45-minute uphill trek to witnessing the most amazing collection of Mayan pottery anyone has ever seen.

Pots in Che Chem Ha Cave

Discovered by a local farmer, this cave is most notable for its unique collection of Mayan artwork and artifacts.  Visitors with an interest in archaeology will appreciate the cave’s entrance, which is decorated with Mayan motifs and the extensive assortment of ancient storage jars, called “ollas,” that line the walls of its chambers.

Inside Che Chem Ha, there are many ladders, each leading to chambers high within the cave, places where many ollas still contain maize and other staples of the ancient Maya diet.  Because these antiquities are so distinctly representative of Mayan life, the cave is carefully monitored to prevent looting and visitors are only allowed to enter when escorted by an experienced resident guide.

This cave tour is suitable for guests in good physical condition; simply getting to the mouth of the cave requires significant energy exertion.