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Tiger Cave, a name reportedly bestowed when a local dog chased a jaguar cub into the mouth of this amazing natural cavern many years ago, is located in the Toledo district in southern Belize.  The cave is also referred to as the San Miguel Cave because it is only a 1.5-hour walk from the Mayan village of San Miguel. 

Tiger CaveThis nature walk, which requires a guide, is well worth taking, giving visitors the unique opportunity to learn about the diversity of the Toledo rainforest and a first-hand view of the Maya’s farming practices.

The massive, vaulted entrance into what appears to be a very dark cave lends a sense of adventure and anticipation to the tour, as does the need to squeeze through narrow, elevated corridors leading to a wide interior chamber. Large gaping holes in the ceiling of the cave soon give way to shafts of sunlight that reveal an amazing sight – 500-foot vaulted ceilings, interior chambers with dripping stalactites that resemble Roman fountains, and pure mineral deposits that look like pots of white gold.

Smooth, rain-washed indentations on the cave’s limestone floor and large numbers of broken pottery shards scattered on a ledge become visible as you travel onward into the cave. No streams or creeks run through the entrance chamber, although, deeper into the cave, you will have to cross water.

This tour is physically challenging, but well worth the effort!