Island & Marine Print
Belize’s marine environment attracts enthusiasts from around the globe to snorkel in coral gardens, scuba dive the Blue Hole, the “drop off” and shallow reefs; to cast for bonefish or simply to enjoy the warmth of the sun, sand and sea of the Caribbean.

Snorkeler & Seafan, South Water CayeOffshore Belize lies the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere with hundreds of coral sand and mangrove-covered islands and three of the only four coral atolls this hemisphere. Belize’s combination of islands and extensive underwater habitat make up the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and this combination of natural assets has resulted in Belize designating some 7 marine reserves – all of which have been declared as World Heritage Sites by the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Divers and snorkelers alike encounter a diverse and abundant selection of marine life as well as a kaleidoscope of color in a variety of locations spanning the length of this 185-mile Belize Barrier Reef. This includes subterranean coral gardens featuring over 70 types of hard corals, nearly 500 species of fish, the distinguished Blue Hole, playful dolphins, fascinating whale sharks, subdued sea turtles and graceful eagle rays. With visibility usually extending hundreds of feet, diverse dive sites and extensive marine life, Belize will not disappoint either the first-time or most experienced diver or snorkeler.

Whether you choice is to rest undisturbed in a hammock under a palm tree watching the waves break in the distance, snorkel for the first time in waist deep water amidst schools of colorful fish or, to participate in active marine activities like scuba-diving, wind and kite -surfing, kayaking, fly fishing or sport-fishing, our reef and islands can offer a location that is perfect for you.