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Glovers Reef Atoll is not only the best developed biologically, but also possesses the greatest diversity of reef types and its’ deep lagoon is studded with about 850 patch reefs and pinnacles rising to the surface.

Glovers Reef Atoll, the southernmost of Belize’s three offshore atolls, is located approximately 45 km off the mainland, is approximately 86,653 acre and has been a protected area since 1993.

The Fisheries’ Department manages the reserve and the Wildlife Conservation Society runs the Glovers Reef Research Station on Middle Caye. Since opening in 1997, the Station has hosted more than 100 scientific expeditions and has served as a platform for many researchers and students.

Notable Features

  • Considered the prototypic atoll of the Caribbean, the peripheral reef of the Atoll is broken in only three places by deep channels, allowing for the tidal flow of water between the lagoon and the open sea. Six sand cayes lie on the reef crest along its southeastern edge.
  • This Reserve is considered to be a high priority area in the Mesoamerican Caribbean Reef system, providing recruitment, nursery, feeding and dwelling areas for lobster, conch and finfish and providing unique fish habitat in the interior lagoon. There is also a large grouper spawning site is located at the northeastern end of the Atoll.
  • Glovers Reef Atoll harbors a shallow lagoon with brilliant coral patches. If divers are lucky, they’ll catch a glimpse of green razor fish hovering, or camouflaged batfish suspended in anticipation of unsuspecting prey.
  • Beyond the atoll, a true underwater playground awaits divers complete with numerous shipwrecks and 50 miles of drop-offs. From the beach, sand gently slopes down and ends hurriedly at a fantastic ridge of coral, pierced by canyons and impressive tunnels.
  • Visitor Experience
    Diving, fishing or snorkeling in this area can be arranged with licensed tour operators based in can be arranged with qualified dive operators based in Belize City, Dangriga, Hopkins, Placencia and with resorts on the atoll itself.