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Port Honduras Marine Reserve begins on the southern Belize coastline where seven jungle rivers flow into the reserve.  Encompassing some 160 sq.miles/847 square kilometers of coastal Caribbean Sea, the reserve also includes 135 small mangrove islands with only 10% of them having any kind of dry land. 

Beach at Snake CayesSituated just north of Punta Gorda Town and declared a protected area in January 2000, The reserve is managed by the community based Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE).

Notable Features
  • Due in large part to the regulation of fishing in the reserve by TIDE, the marine population has flourished and the area serves as a habitat for various endangered species, including the West Indian Manatee.
  • An important Maya archaeological center was discovered on as Wild Cane Caye. The ancient Mayas knew of the wealth of marine resources and established a trading site of major importance to the coastal trade routes of the Maya.
  • The Port Honduras Marine Reserve, with its mangrove coast, clear rivers, hundreds of protective cayes and the Barrier Reef forms one of the most important fish nurseries in the Caribbean. The area is still relatively unknown to fly fishermen but offers excellent fly-fishing.
Visitor Experience
Diving, fishing or snorkeling in this area can be arranged with licensed tour operators based in Punta Gorda, Hopkins and Placencia

Sustainable fishing is promoted and the use of gill nets illegal.

Location of Port of Honduras