The Belize Zoo was founded in 1983 as a retirement home "movie stars” featured in a natural history documentary. Today, The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is located at mile 30 just off the busy Western Highway. Covering 29 acres of tropical savanna and with 125 native animals in residence, this should definitely be a stop on your itinerary.
Harpy Eagle

A visit to the Belize zoo is the only way to guarantee that will see the magnificent jaguar and all species of Belizean wild cat, the rare scarlet macaw, the majestic harpy eagle and, countless other Belize wildlife natives.  With the residents at home in natural surroundings, the Belize Zoo has definitely earned its title as “the best little zoo in the world”.

Notable Features

In addition to being a refuge for wildlife that have been orphaned, injured or former “house pets” the Belize Zoo works closely with other local and international wildlife and conservation organizations to rehabilitate animals to return them to the wild and to foster research on endangered species.
Exhibits and extensive Educational Awareness and Outreach programs incorporate humor and facts to reinforce the importance of protecting natural habitats, respecting wildlife and implementing conservations practices into daily life.

Visitor Experience
It is no wonder that the Belize Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Belize for all ages.   Easily accessible, the Belize Zoo is near the center of the country and “on the way” to or from Belize City to any western or southern attraction.   Excellent guides, interpretative center and a gift shop only add to the first-class treatment of the wildlife there.

For more information visit Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center.
Location of Belize Zoo