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13 Chapters of A History Of Belize - Assad Shoman
History comes alive in the 322 page volume; a story told with feeling and passion, committed to uncovering the truth behind the hype in the past no less than in the present. 322 pages

A History Of Belize, Nation In The Making - Cubola Productions
A History Of Belize, Nation In The Making traces the history of Belize. It focuses on how we became what we are today. It travels through time and gives us the opportunity to study the complex society which we have inherited. 128 pages

Social & Political

Inside Belize - Tom Barry
Inside Belize is required reading for all who are interested in this small but important Central American nation that was created out of a backwater British colony called British Honduras. Tom Barry presents a wealth of well-documented facts and takes the pulse of the country's political culture and economy with sensitivity and informed insight. 214 pages

A Guide To Business Investment & Retirement - George Rea
An attempt to answer most of the questions that have been posed about Belize. This guide coves a wide range of topics including information on work permits, taxation and government policies on investment. 95 pages

The Maya

The Ancient Maya Of Belize - Anabel Ford
This guide book gives an informative introduction to the ancient Maya of Belize. Divided into three geographic sections, the text includes both a general background for those unfamiliar with the Maya, and clear directions, maps, and descriptions of the 18 important sites that are accessible to visitors. 48 pages

The Garifuna

Heart Drum - Byron Foster
The Garifuna, descendants of African maroons and island Caribs, were deported from St. Vincent two centuries ago. Dispersed along the coastlines of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize, they continue to celebrate their Afro-Amerindian culture. 60 pages

Fiction, Folklore, Short Stories & Poetry

I Spent It All In Belize - Emory King
When my will is read it is going to say "I, Emory King, being of sound mind and body spent his all in Belize before I died." So, gentle reader, prepare to go on a rollercoaster ride through 30 years of my experiences in the most wonderful country in the world. You will find a liberal dose of history, some politics, a dash of philosophy, a pinch or two of fun, even a smidgen of tears. 194 pages

Beka Lamb - Zee Edgell
Set in Belize, Beka Lamb is the record of a few months in the life of Beka and her family. The story of Beka's victory over her habit of lying, which she conquers after deceiving her father about a disgrace at school, is told in flashback. The politics of the small colony, the influence of the matriarchal society and the dominating presence of the Catholic Church are woven into the fabric of the story to provide a compelling protrait of ordinary life in Belize. 192 pages

Creole Proverbs of Belize - Colville Young
Proverbs are flashes of folk-wisdom that encapsules the experiences and characteristic attitudes of a people. Creole proverbs have the added value and interest of providing a stone-house of linguistic usage, often in archaic forms. The proverbs in this volume are, for the most part, commonly used especially among older and rural people. 44 pages


Explore - Collier
This exoctic illustrated magazine helps you to explore the lesser known places in our beautiful country of Belize. Come explore the tropical world of Belize in style. Come visit our ruins, our blue hole, the barrier reef, and stay at our luxurious resorts in the country. 62 pages

Flora & Fauna

Rainforest Remedies - Rosita Arvigo & Michael Balick
The diversity and mystery of the world's tropical rainforests and the danger facing them have captured the attention of people throughout the world. The traditional peoples and cultures who inhabit these ecosystems are disappearing ever more rapidly than the flora and fauna of the forests. 256 pages

Diving Belize - Ned Middleton
It is for good reason that Belize is called the Adventure Coast, especially amongst divers. Diving Belize includes a roundup of topography and marine life of several sites along Belize's Barrier Reef and Mexico's Banco Chinchorro plus details of 100 specific dive sites including the famous Great Blue Hole. 128 pages

Guide Books

Adventure Guide To Belize - Harry S. Pariser
This guide will introduce you to Belize's vibrant history, culture, and wildlife. This true frontier nation of dense rainforests, pine groves, sugarcane fields, and beautiful offshore islands provides a paradise for snorkelers, divers, naturalists and outdoor adventurers. 384 pages

Atlases & Maps

Atlas Of Belize - Cubola Production
A new revised version of the Atlas of Belize displays a total of 11 maps and over 80 diagrams and photographs. This atlas is good for children attending school. It gives us a brief description of our resources, climate, land, politics, and national symbols. 32 pages

Cook Books

Cook Book - Belize Hospital Auxiliary
The Cook Book consists of many delicious recipes written by Belizean women. This book contains a variety of soups, salads, vegetable dishes, poultry, meat and fish dishes, and desserts. 82 pages


Belize: The Sea, The Land, The People
A magnificent 30 minute color video of the finest natural history photography in Belize. Explore the miracle of the Belize Barrier Reef, the majesty of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and the mysterious mangroves between. VHS