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Monday, February 2, 1998

Gay cruise ship has come and gone - Courtesy of B.C.B

The 915 gay men and women and the M.S Leeward cruise ship on which they traveled came and left, but not without facing a gathering at the fort area showing displeasure at their lifestyle. The crowd, mostly religious gatherings led by Pastor Rodney Gordon of the Baptist Ministry, became unruly at several. Certain individuals from the mass took to throwing water bottles and corncobs at the buses transporting the visitors to their respective destinations in the country. Reports are that police arrested at least one man for throwing an object at one of the buses.

During the day's events, a police officer was also bitten by a police dog, which was brought out to control the crowd. The incident happened when a Tourism Police Officer controlling the dog, set the snarling animal at the crowd to keep the people back. However, when the animal's jaws snapped, it caught an officer who was directing the gathering, by the arm. By the time the fourth bus load of visitors passed by the protestors, the shouting and booing had simmered down.

On a lighter side, the press spoke with Rich Campbell, of Atlantis Events Incorporated, who organized the trip in the U.S. Campbell said upon his arrival that homosexual tourist respect any country to which they travel. Gonzalo Romero, the General Manager of Belize Travel Adventures, organized the trip here in Belize for the passengers' seven-hour visit to Belize.

Of the 915 homosexual visitors, only 700 actually came ashore, the remainder stayed on board. The homosexual tourists are professionals whose specialties range from doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, to computer programmers, among others. From here, the cruise liner travels to Cancun before going on to Cozumel in Mexico.

New Chief Justice sworn in - Courtesy of B.C.B

The new Chief Justice, George Singh was sworn in this morning by the Governor General, Sir Colville Young in Belmopan. Justice Singh replaces Sir George Brown who retired at the end of January. According to the Office of the Attorney General, the new Chief Justice qualified Attorney-at-Law in 1978 from the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. He has held posts of Chief Magistrate, Solicitor General, Director of Public Prosecutions, and judge in Family Court.

Belize Brewing Co. invited students for awards - Courtesy of B.C.B

Belize Brewing Co. Ltd., local brewing partner of Guinness Brewing Worldwide, has invited Belizean students to participate in the Fifth Annual Guinness Earth Science Awards. The fully funded 1998 two-week field experience offers ten international students the chance to join leading scientists and a team of volunteers to work on scientific projects.

Police investigate family in baby's drowning - Courtesy of B.C.B

The sudden death of a baby girl Saturday evening might lead to at least one member of her family being charged with negligence. So far, police are still investigating the incident at the child's home between 6:00pm and 6:10pm on Saturday evening. 14-month-old Luz Clarita Catch was reportedly found by her father, Alfonso Catch, a watchman of Mile 12 on the Western Highway, in a white bucket containing water.

Three charged for attempted murder - Courtesy of B.C.B

Three people have been charged with the shooting of 11 year old Stacey Williams. The three, 21 year old Stewart and 18 year old Mark Sutherland, and a 17 year old youth face charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm and grievous harm of the little girl.