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Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Two men charged in death of O.W businessman - Courtesy of B.C.B

Police have charged two men with the murder of merchant Bheruma Punjabi last week in Orange Walk. Police believe Punjabi offered the men a ride at the junction of the Northern Highway and the Libertad Road. He was later found murdered in an Orange Walk cane field. Police have charged 24-year-old Alvaro Cowo and 22 year old Guillermo Neal Cowo with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Police believe the motive was robbery.

Police investigate sudden death of infant - Courtesy of B.C.B

Police are investigating the sudden death of another infant who died after complaining of stomach pains. The child's father, 29 year old Carmelo Tzub, of Bella Vista Village, told police that the child, 1 year old Tarzan, began complaining on Sunday afternoon around 12:30 he died yesterday afternoon around 2:30. The cause of death is unknown.

KREM claims "sabotage" - Courtesy of B.C.B

KREM radio is claiming the cables holding up their hundred-foot high broadcast tower were cut sometime last night. The tower bent over but did not fall. KREM says the station went off the air briefly, but Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) workers, who have been working on the tower throughout the day, have assured the station that the tower is not in danger. KREM's chairman Evan X Hyde is terming the event "sabotage," and says police have yet to investigate. The Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) of the police told B.C.B News they have received no report of the incident from KREM.