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What is a vacation, if not a chance to do something new and exciting?

ZipliningIn Belize with scores of reef, beach and inland activities to choose from, this is your chance for adventures of your own making. With so much of our natural environment still healthy and intact, eco-tourism adventures are offered throughout the country.

If inland activities are what you seek, the country offers both soft and extreme play. Whether it’s an adrenaline charged experience as you zip-line though jungle canopies, explore a mysterious cave, or lazily canoe down a peaceful jungle river observing nature, it can be done in Belize.

Marine adventures are suited for all ages and activity levels, whether: Scuba diving, snorkeling, wind or kite surfing, para-sailing or cruising on a catamaran. The breathtaking colors of Belize’s waters are an invitation to immerse yourself in nature for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Belize’s history from ancient Maya to recent events are presented in museums, galleries, visitor centers and street-side stalls, offering insight into the friendly Belizeans you will meet.

And while you may not find the sophisticated nightlife in other vacation destinations, our varied cultures, love of music and many holidays and celebrations give ample opportunity to relax your inhibitions and be one with the people of Belize.


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Pelican Beach Resort
Pelican Beach Resort
Name: Pelican Beach Resort
Description: With architecture reminiscent of Belize's colonial past, colorful tropical gardens, sprawling verandas, and shaded dockside palapas, Pelican Beach Resort - Dangriga is filled with old world charm. * Stay in spacious and comfortable rooms with air-c ...
State: Stann Creek District
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